Big Brother 6 cast announced

With just a week to go before the big debut, Big Brother 6 has revealed its largest cast ever.

Only four of the 14 cast members are in their 30s, and only two are married, which should encourage hook-ups once the NyQuil starts flowing. And just looking at their pictures suggests that the vast majority is whiter than the Brady Bunch; the images look like a spread from the Abercrombie and Fitch Quarterly, except without all the half-naked humping.

CBS has helpfully provided their last names in a press release, so now we have a week to guess who’s gay and try to figure out their secrets. This is, after all, the Summer of Secrets, and who knows what Arnold and Allison might have in store for us? Will they pull the most outrageous move of all and shock the world by casting interesting, dynamic people?

From a CBS press release, here are the full names of the houseguests, plus basic biographical information:

Maggie Ausburn, 26
Las Vegas, NV
Single, Emergency Room Nurse

Beau Beasley, 25
Pembroke Pines, FL
Single, Personal Shopper

Ivette Corredero, 25
Miami Beach, FL
Single, Waitress

Michael Donnellan, 28
Orange County, CA
Single, Artist

Ashlea Evans, 22
Plantation, FL
Single, Fashion Design Student

Howie Gordon, 34
Chicago, IL
Single, Meteorology Student

Sarah Hrejsa, 22
Chicago, IL
Single, Retail Manager

April Lewis, 30
Dallas, TX
Newlywed, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.

Eric Littmann, 36
Boston, MA
Married Dad, Firefighter

Janelle Pierzina, 25
Miami Beach, FL
Single, VIP Cocktail Waitress

Rachel Plencner, 33
Parker, CO
Single, Horse Breeder

James Rhine, 29
Atlanta, GA
Single, Loss Prevention Manager

Kaysar Ridha, 24
Irvine, CA
Single, Graphic Designer

Jennifer Vasquez, 27
Plano, TX
Single, Arena Football League Dancer

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