Idol launches online version of its contest

American Idol is considering a satellite radio station and is definitely going online with a new spin-off music talent show contest, which will launch this fall as an online radio station. The station’s name is a pretty substantial oxymoron: American Idol Underground.

Here’s how it works, according to

Interested contestants can upload their music to the service for a $50 entry fee in a variety of genres, such as rock, hip-hop/rap, R&B, country, Christian and pop. Once uploaded, each track will receive a minimum of 200 spins. Listeners can sample music for free and then rate each track on a 1-10 scale. Every six months, the top-rated track from each month in each category will be presented to a panel of celebrity judges, who will pick the overall grand prize winner in each category.

A Fremantle Media exec, Jason Turner, said this “activates the American Idol brand online.” Way to stir up interest, Jason — nothing gets our hearts pumping like brand activation with a $50 entry fee.

The station and contest will be run by Fluid Audio Networks. And the new station needs interns, or at least one. Specifically, an ad was posted for a “networking/programming intern” in May.

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