Bo says he wanted to lose Idol because he’s “not a pop person.”

After enduring weeks upon weeks of interaction with Ryan Seacrest, among other things, Bo Bice now says that he’s glad he lost the show, despite all his effort to try to win. When Ryan announced the winner, Bo tells the AP he was thinking, “Please, God, don’t let me win this thing.”

He also insists that the entire premise of the show wasn’t a good match for him. “The label ‘American Idol’ was not for me. I’m not a pop person. It would have been harder to play my kind of music if I had won,” he said. “I just came in (to ‘American Idol’) being myself. And for some crazy reason, that’s what people were wanting. Which is why I am truly the guy who’s the most freaked out about everything that’s happened.”

So why apply? Oh, yeah: He has an single coming out next week, and an album coming out later this year. He’s hoping to record his own stuff for that record: “I would rather put out an album of my own songs, and if it flops, it flops.”

Bo Bice is happy he lost American Idol [AP]