Corey Clark says he and his Idol “supporters have agreed to participate in a Fox probe.”

Just eight days before the release of his self-titled album, Corey Clark’s people have issued another press release, announcing that he’s reversed his decision to refuse help. Previously, he told FOX to go f themselves, saying he’d only help the government investigate.

But since the government has better things to do, Corey “has agreed to step forward and offer Fox executives his full compliance and participation in a fair and thorough examination,” the press release says. Tantalizingly, it also suggests that his American Idol 2 castmates are also behind him. The release says that “several other former AI season 2 finalists” are also willing to help. But the next sentence is cleverly worded and gets less specific. From the release:

“All of Clark’s season 2 supporters have agreed to participate in a Fox probe if it (Fox) actually follows through with its very public promise to investigate.”

Not surprisingly, the press release does not mention who his “season 2 supporters” actually are. His parents? His record label? Homeless people giving hand jobs for crack? Later, Corey suggests that some are actual contestants: “It is painfully clear that unless my fellow AI season 2 contestants and I are directly involved with Fox executives during the investigation, we will never know if an investigation ever really took place.” Again, though, he doesn’t offer names.

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