Corey Clark will meet with FOX.

The day before Corey Clark’s record came out, it was–completely coincidentally–revealed that he’s going to sit down with FOX to talk about the alleged affair-thing. The New York Post reported yesterday that Corey, “his lawyers, legal representatives for Fox, “Idol” producers, Freemantle Media and an official from AFTRA (the actors’ union that Abdul belongs to) will meet in Los Angeles on June 30 to discuss the allegations.”

Neither party had a comment about the report, which is attributed to “a source.” This, of course, would be a big step forward from both parties making nanny-nanny-boo-boo faces at each other.

The Post helpfully disclaims its report by mentioning that this is all likely a part of Corey’s genius marketing strategy, and by pointing out that FOX and the Post are both owned by the same company:

“The ABC report coincided with the release of Clark’s first solo record and his efforts to sell a book about his experiences on the show to publishers. Fox is a division of News Corp., which also owns The Post.”

‘Idol’ Corey to Talk to Fox [New York Post]