Apprentice 3’s Todd embarrasses himself.

As if being the first person to be fired from The Apprentice 3 wasn’t embarrassing enough, Todd Everett is staying in the quasi-spotlight by running around New York half naked. According to Page Six, at nightclub Cain, “a shirt-less Everett and his lusty ladyfriend were spotted engaging in ‘inappropriate behavior’ in a banquette and ‘were asked to take it somewhere else.'” He then reportedly bragged about what he’d received from his companion. Then, “three days later, Everett dropped his drawers again at a Webster Hall benefit for the School Bus Rock Foundation hosted by another ‘Apprentice’ contestant, Danny Kastner,” Page Six says. During an auction, he appeared in his underwear, and once on stage, “gave himself a wedgie, turned his back to the crowd and proceeded to shake his virtually bare behind like a stripper.” His humbling display resulted in a bid of $50.

Trump Reject Blows it Again [Page Six]