Tana was offered a job by NYC 2012 CEO, says producers had to “knock [her] down.”

The Apprentice 3‘s runner-up says that, although her performance on the final task was maligned, she impressed the executives. “I got a job offer from the CEO of NYC 2012 and I got a job offer from the AVP human resources project manager,” Tana tells The Iowa Channel. She also says that the Pontiac brochure episode was a turning point, because she says “that was my design and the camera crew and the producer had that on tape. … So I think that was the way they wanted people to say, ‘we’ve got to knock Tana down. We’ve got to start knocking her down because she’s not going to be the one.” She also says that her son predicted her loss after executive producer Mark Burnett talked to him. Tana says, “Mark Burnett put his arm around my son and said, ‘I just want to let you know: No matter what happens tonight in that final board room, your mother is always going to be a winner.’ And Miles went to Kurtis and said, ‘Daddy, Mommy’s not going to get the job.'”

Tana Goertz Talks About ‘Apprentice’ Experience [KCCI]