reality rejects deal with sequestration, homecomings, lying, and publicists.

After being eliminated from a competition-based reality show, but before living a life as a perpetual media whore, reality show contestants face a weird kind of limbo. The AP reports on everything from various “loser islands” (where booted contestants go before returning home) to dealing with publicists (shudder). Those fired from The Apprentice go to Hotel Reject, and there, “fired candidates and their chaperones populated half a hotel floor for the duration of the two-month shoot, which included a communal suite filled with food, beer, video games, DVDs and books. The firees were frequently escorted to dinners, concerts and shows while waiting to go home.” The AP also reports that some “firees kept in contact with surviving candidates via e-mail, a no-no which prompted a step-up in security.”

After coming home, contestants can’t talk to anyone about anything. Survivor Palau‘s Janu Tornell says “Coming back from ‘Survivor,’ it was really traumatic. I didn’t think it would be. I hid in my house for about a month. I didn’t drive. I was just kind of freaked out by the whole thing.” What happened? We may never know, as “a CBS spokeswoman pulled her off the phone” before she answered. And that’s a new fact of life, as rejects “become very familiar with network spokespeople. Usually, they’ll be your last and only link between your ho-hum life and reality show glamour.”

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