Fox Reality Channel launches today.

Slightly more than two years after a group of reality TV show stars and TV execs announced that they were creating a reality TV network, Reality Central, later renamed Reality 24/7. Today, a reality TV show network launches, but it’s not their network, which has yet to launch.

Instead, it’s the Fox Reality Channel, which debuts today in about 18.5 million of the 109.6 million homes that have cable, Digital Spy reports. The initial schedule includes Cops, Joe Millionaire, Last Comic Standing, Love Cruise, and Mad Mad House. Those shows will be augmented with “contestant commentary, pre and post-show interviews, auditions, out-takes and behind-the-scenes clips,” the network says.

Revisiting past embarrassments will be fun for us, but some aren’t so happy. Joe Millionaire‘s Melissa Mowery, for example, regrets her part in the show. Now, she tells the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that she was invited to do commentary for the Fox Reality repeats. For her trouble, she was “offered a FREE trip to L.A.,” and later that was upped to just “less than half of the bare minimum [an] actor makes for a day,” which she ultimately declined.

By the way, if you visit the new channel’s web site, you may notice that the site occasionally reprints reality blurred posts in its news section, along with items from other sites. They’re just picking up content like an RSS feed, and this doesn’t affect anything you see here, nor will it result in any ass-kissing (ahem).

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