Britney and Kevin: Chaotic reportedly faces cancellation, Britney’s mother’s wrath.

Although the first episode of Britney and Kevin: Chaotic pulled in 3.46 million viewers, it landed in 81st place for the week, and the only record it broke for UPN was being the network’s “most watched broadcast in the [9 p.m., Tuesday] time period with regularly scheduled programming since March 2004.” As E! Online reports, that really means “it was the lowly UPN’s highest rated show in its time period in the last 14 months. This week, according to Reuters, only 3 million watched, and it wasn’t even airing opposite American Idol.

As a result, UPN is reportedly threatening to cancel the series, which is odd since it’s supposed to conclude June 14. A source told the UK’s Daily Star that this news hit Britney hard: “The worst thing is that the viewing figures are so low, she’s upset that her fans don’t seem to care anymore. It’s painful for her that her fans have stopped listening to what she has to say.” Worse, Britney’s mother reportedly doesn’t like the series. As a source told the Daily Sport, “Lynne condemned the show as ugly and a bad example to Britney’s teenage sister, Jamie Lynne, who shouldn’t be exposed to these lurid sex secrets.”

Update: A UPN spokesperson tells reality blurred, “The stories are categorically incorrect.”

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