Idol stylist is as “honest as I can without being rude, but it’s completely their decision.”

As we head into the finale of American Idol 4, Newsday reports on a shocking truth: image and appearance matters on the show. Robert Thompson coughs up a quote, arguing that “What makes ‘American Idol’ much more than a talent show is seeing a Kelly Clarkson go from frumpy to this suave performer. Or–the greatest story yet–seeing Clay Aiken, this sort of goofy guy, undergo a transformation with a little mousse and a couple of good new outfits.” The paper also talks to the show’s fashion stylist, Miles Siggins, and hair stylist, Dean Banowetz, about their hits and misses over the show’s four-year history. Siggins says, “I try to be honest as I can without being rude, but it’s completely their decision. I might say, ‘Wear that if you want, but I think you’re going to get slaughtered.'” He also says that Carrie Underwood has had more difficulty in the style department than some of the others. He told Newsday, “It’s been a big learning curve for Carrie. In the beginning, she was very country. She grew up on a farm and she’s had no exposure to fashion. Where she’s from, the local supermarket doesn’t even sell Elle or Vogue.”

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