one year after Britney Spears was shopped a reality series, she reveals she’s pregnant.

one year after Britney Spears shopped a reality series, she announces she’s pregnant.
During these historic times, it’s important to look back and remember how we got here. Yesterday, the day that Britney Spears announced what everyone already knew (she’s pregnant), was the one-year anniversary of the day news broke that Britney was shopping her own reality series. As reality blurred reported on Tuesday, April 13, 2004:

OnTourage would “follow the lives of Spears and her fellow dancers on the European leg of the Onyx Hotel Tour,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. “Spears would narrate and even wield a digital camera to chronicle her adventures with her dancers, bodyguards and managers from the tour bus to the stage.” Six episodes, expected to cost an expensive $1 million each, are being pitched to networks to air this summer.

Since then, of course, she was married twice. And just last week we learned that UPN had picked up a nameless reality series starring Britney and her grimy husband. It preserves part of that original concept, since most of the UPN series will be composed of home video footage. Perhaps most amazingly, just over 10 years ago, many of us (yes, I admit it) were watching Britney and every other 20-something star on the new Mickey Mouse Club. Maybe The Party will guest star on her new series and bring us full circle.