blog writers star in new MTV series.

blog writers star in new MTV series.
A new reality show will follow the staffs of hip weblogs. Having run out of tripped-out D-list celebs to profile, MTV is turning to the tripped-out 20- and 30-somethings who keep the nation from doing actual “work” at their “jobs.”

One episode features the staff of Gothamist offering New Yorkers advice. At the beginning of the episode, editor Jen Chung tells a homeless man in a subway that the newspapers he’s covering his body with “can cause paper cuts; you should be careful, and consider using a blanket to keep warm.” Another Gothamist staffer tells a kid, “Don’t talk to strangers, or you could be raped and cut into little pieces and then your mommy will cry.” The whole staff will also be shown group editing one of their award-winning weather posts, instructing readers, “It’s raining–and to avoid getting wet, you should use an umbrella, which can deflect the raindrops because it’s made of a material that water doesn’t permeate.”

In later episodes, the staff of TVgasm is revealed to actually be the cast of Saved by the Bell: The College Years, the editor of Modelizer is taught how to use commas correctly, Andy Towle finds homoeroticism in the phone book, and Bookslut‘s editors reveal the model in their logo is actually Annie Dillard.

The debut episode, however, follows the sweatshop that is the Gawker media empire, focusing on the editors of its properties–except for those who write the new blogs that no one reads. Near the end of the premiere episode, cameras catch up with Wonkette’s Ana Marie Cox between blogging conference appearances, which have kept her so occupied she now has to pretend to be both drunk and an actual blogger, since she hasn’t actually blogged in months.

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