Corey Clark shopping a memoir that describes Idol 2’s “wild, drunken sex.”

Corey Clark shopping a memoir that describes Idol 2’s “wild, drunken sex.”
American Idol 2‘s Corey Clark is shopping a memoir, which will undoubtedly satiate all three people who actually remember who he is and care. However, The New York Post’s Cindy Adams had a look at the sample chapters, and there’s some shocking stuff in there. For example, Corey thinks that Justin Guarini is “a cheeseball.” Such language! And shockingly, Clay Aiken was “a geek” who “was a humble dude in the beginning.” Who knew? The weirdest part: Adams reports that Corey

“describes [Paula Abdul’s] Studio City Hills house: Hardwood floors. Cheetah-print carpeted stairs on both sides of the living room. Office to the left. Over that, guest bedroom. Then, pantry and black marble countertop kitchen. Over that, a dance studio lined with her awards. Upstairs, entertainment room with stereo system, older model 68-inch Mitsubishi TV. Next door, bedroom with walk-in closet ‘the size of a studio apartment,’ dual-head shower, built-in steam room. Modest back yard. Pool with changing lights.”

Then Adams says that Corey

“describes sitting around drinking with other people. He describes other people doing more than sitting around drinking. He writes of arguments, screaming, “wild, drunken sex.” His memoir makes one wonder how any of them had enough time and strength left to actually sing.”

Because Cindy Adams is incapable of coherent paragraph, kids, it’s unclear if this all happened at Paula Abdul’s house, or at the house the cast shares. Either way, though, it sounds a shower or two will be necessary after reading the book.