Kathy Griffin: Surreal Life 5 starts taping soon; TAR’s Jonathan denies conversation.

Kathy Griffin: Surreal Life 5 starts taping soon; TAR’s Jonathan denies conversation.
In an interview with Page SixSixSix yesterday, Kathy Griffin revealed that The Surreal Life 5 is starting production soon, perhaps this week or next week. Kathy, who served as the cab driver picking up the celebs last season, and who has her own Bravo reality series forthcoming, says producers “actually wanted me to be the taxi driver again, and what sucks is that they’re doing it next week and I have a job in Florida–so I can’t do it.” The exact date production begins isn’t clear since we’re not sure when the interview took place. But Kathy also has “a little scoop” about the series, she says. While she doesn’t know who most of the cast members will be, she says, “I ran into Jonathan of Jonathan and Victoria fame from the Amazing Race. … He told me that they asked him to be on the Surreal Life, so I have a feeling that he’s going to do it without Victoria.” Kathy expresses her feelings about Jonathan, and relates a conversation she had with him to Page Six Six Six:

“And he’s a total fucking asshole. He’s just as much of an asshole in person, even though they all try to act like they’re ‘edited’ to look that way. Well, I tell him, ‘Jonathan, I hope you’re going to use this as an opportunity to redeem yourself.’ And he’s like, ‘No, I’m going to be the villain. You know what makes good TV Kathy.’ And I go, ‘Jonathan, don’t be the villain. Try to be a normal human being. Don’t be an asshole.’ And he’s like, ‘No, I’m going to be the worst villain they’ve ever seen.’ So honestly, he’s just going to be playing himself.”

However, Jonathan tells reality blurred that this conversation never took place. He writes,

“I have never met Kathy, Can you say medication. She is doing this for press on her new TV show. I am blown away she could be such a snot but thats her. If I were here I would make another appointment with here plastic surgeon because she needs to something with the way she looks. Frankenstein is not attractive look for her. Amazing”

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