Idol’s Nikki McKibbin and Paradise Hotel’s Toni Ferrari are sisters.

American Idol’s Nikki McKibbin and Paradise Hotel’s Toni Ferrari are sisters.
The Fear Factor special featuring reality stars was incredibly revealing. Sure, Omarosa was a bitch and Bachelorette winner Ryan Sutter won $70,000, $20K in the first challenge and the rest in the final challenge. But whatever.

The real news came when Nikki McKibbin told host Joe Rogan, “Reichen’s going to stay because my sister told me so and she’ll beat me up.” Joe asked her, “Was your sister on a reality show?” And Nikki said, “Yeah, Paradise Hotel and Love Cruise.” When she said this, I died a little inside because, of course, the only cast member to be on both shows was the incomparable Toni Ferrari. And Toni and Nikki are sisters. Yes, American Idol‘s third-place contestant and Paradise Hotel and Love Cruise‘s resident Yahtzee!-playing, bug-eyed freak-out queen are sisters. This is so world-shaking that I seriously can’t believe we haven’t heard more about this before.

In a partially incomplete sentence, Nikki mentions this on The Fishbowl (“no really she is my sis….;” it says), although since only the reality stars who inhabit the site actually visit it, it’s no wonder we didn’t see this until now. The frightening part is, it’s kind of obvious: Look at Toni. Now look at Nikki. Subtract the hair and they look similar, and now we know why the reality TV world world is collapsing even faster than it was before.

+ Update: Folks who hang out in the Fishbowl inform us that this is a joke, and they’re not really sisters, but they just pretend they are because they’re such close friends. However, pictures don’t lie, so I’m sticking to the blood relation thing. Besides: Anyone crazy enough to say Toni Ferrari is her sister can’t be lying. (Oh, I kid Toni. Plus, I’m scared of her.)