Elvis and Idol now owned by same company; writer rates the finalists.

Elvis and Idol now owned by same company; writer rates the finalists.
The company behind American Idol and Pop Idol has been acquired by the company that now owns Elvis’ estate. CKX will “pay up to $161 million and 1.87 million CKX shares to purchase 19 Entertainment Ltd., a private company based in London,” The New York Times reports. The company name means, in part, “Content is King,” and the Times says CKX owner Robert F. X. Sillerman wants “to assemble an arsenal of entertainment content with an eye to emerging distribution technologies like on-demand television and hand-held devices.”

Back to the show, if the overwhelming niceness of American Idol 4 makes you die a little inside, or if listening to Paula Abdul’s “criticism” your eye twitch, you’ll appreciate
Dave McGurgan’s break-down of the finalists
. Take, for example, his assessment of Bo, who he says is “hairy. He’s ugly. He looks like Captain Caveman. Bo Bice. The fact that Bo knows how to run around on stage and act out rock-and-roll’s most clich├ęd moves does not make him a good singer. He’s probably the best bar band singer from Helena, Alabama who, due to collective temporary insanity, managed to get onto ‘American Idol.'” And it just gets more brutal from there, as he writes Mikalah would be “more tolerable if she kept her mouth shut, which for her, is impossible.” He predicts a win by Nadia Turner who “is confident, thrilling and a pleasure to watch. Which is more than I can say for most contestants.”

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