Jonathan says “I call it reality blurred,” links to this site from his for “karma.”

Jonathan says “I call it reality blurred,” links to this site from his for “karma.”
I know I swore off posting anything about Jonathan and Victoria from The Amazing Race 6, but I cannot resist–primarily because both of these items sort of involve me, and I’m a narcissistic bastard. In advance of their Feb. 15 Dr. Phil “Romance Rescue” special on CBS, Jonathan talked to the Calgary Sun. He gave them a brand-new reason for the shove (“Unfortunately, I made a conscious decision to show my raw emotions. I shouldn’t have done it, but I didn’t know how it was going to look.”), but also pretends that he came up with the phrase that happens to be the name of this site. He says, “I’m not happy with what I see up there. I’m a better person than that. That doesn’t represent me or our relationship. I call it reality blurred.” Um, no, I call it reality blurred, buddy.

Not that I’m the first person to use the phrase, even though I made it the household name it is today. But it’s an interesting choice of words considering that just over a week ago, on the couple’s official web site, this was posted:

January 27, 2005

You can’t have bad karma if you’re born in America :)

Reality TV Blurred- Click Here

So, they linked to this site with something about karma. Not sure if they’re trying to get karma by kissing my ass or putting me on notice that I’m screwed karma-wise, but either way, I’m slightly disturbed. Still, thanks for the link, kids.