although he once made her cry, Jeff Probst is “definitely … in love” with Julie.

although he once made her cry, Jeff Probst is “definitely … in love” with Julie.
On Valentine’s Day, let’s pause and consider the genesis of one of the most unexpected reality TV romances ever: Survivor host Jeff Probst and Survivor Vanuatu contestant Julie Berry. First, though, why the hell is it that Survivor has spawned at least three lasting romances, while nearly ever The Bachelor couple splits up as soon as that twit Chris Harrison gets out of the way? Anyway, the latest reality TV couple is quite happy. Jeff Probst says, “It’s definitely set a new standard for me in terms of what I want from a relationship and I hope that this is the last time I ever consider it. I’m very happy and we have a great time together. She’s a sharp woman. She went through a lot early on and it really gave her a lot of wisdom. … You never know where things are going to lead, but I definitely am in love.”

Things weren’t always that happy, though. Jeffykins says that during casting, “Berry’s frank discussion of her recent reunion with her biological sister left him cold,” according to Jeff, being the compassionate guy he is, says, “She got very emotional and I just didn’t buy it. I didn’t know anything about Julie and I was trying to see if she was for real and I kinda said as much. She left the room crying and definitely did not think much of me. I felt badly because I realized that I’d inadvertently hit a sensitive area and didn’t intent to,” he says. Jeff soon found redemption, though, because as he tells us, “what I thought as she left is, ‘That may be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.'” So, in other words, Jeff finds beauty in women he’s upset to the point of tears. That should be a fun Valentine’s Day dinner. (“You lost Survivor, idiot.” “Oh god, you are so hot.”)

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