Vanessa flips out after the cast jumps on her about her comments to

Vanessa flips out after the cast jumps on her about her comments to
The Wendy pile-on that occurred toward the beginning of the Project Runway reunion was predictable. So was more Morgan drama: Four models showed up, but not Morgan, who, Tim said, “In order to appear, she insisted that we sign a letter stating that we would not portray her in a negative way. And to begin, for Morgan, that’s a little difficult.” What wasn’t predictable was the cast’s collective freak-out about an interview Vanessa did with Throughout the evening, Vanessa was in full-throttle bitch mode, accusing Wendy of defacing her own daughter’s photograph. Jay told Vanessa, “All night you have been so sour about this.” Vanessa snapped, “Because I don’t want to be here.” Walking off, she added, “This is bullshit.” As the reunion wrapped up, Vanessa was MIA; Tim Gunn noted that “we have a red wine stain and some broken shards of glass to remember her” (Vanessa spilled her wine off-camera all over the set).

So what is in that interview, which Vanessa tried to dismiss as simply a phone call between her and a former intern? Among other things, she body-slams Heidi, says that the producers and crew are attractive, and says producers didn’t pay for their travel to New York. Here are some highlights, but read the whole thing:

  • “Now I think that the process is closer to having 12 profiles written out, then going out and trying to fit the people to the profiles. I don’t have any proof, or whatever, and to be honest with you I don’t really care. I believe that they have picked out their three qualifying people, and it has to fit America. Everything has to be planned. Nothing is spontaneous.”
  • “I thought the talent on the show was very low. They just don’t have very much experience.”
  • “…the whole thing was so low-budget. You got the feeling that you really had to bring your own packed lunch and knapsack with you, definitely make sure you’ve got a mode of transport to get home, because there was no telling if anybody was really going to look after you.”
  • “Reality TV and fashion design together is an oxymoron.”
  • “…did you know that the Bravo producers deliberately employ incredibly good-looking guys and girls [behind the scenes]? So, the cameramen were the hottest. Guys. You have ever. Seen. Because then you’re supposed to tell them all the shit. This is what one of the producers told us.”
  • “And then stupid Heidi Klum, big old uninteresting Heidi is walking around. Do you know that the whole time we were there, she never addressed us? She never talked to us, she never asked us about our lines, our lives, who we were, made any effort to be our friend at all, nothing. … And plus, she doesn’t know anything. At all. When you see her when she’s not dressed up, she’s got a pair of flip-flops on, and jeans. She’s not even a fashion person: she did it for her own notoriety.”
  • “But in the beginning it was like, ‘You’re all invited, and we would love you to be at the premiere party,’ and then, ‘But we can’t pay for you. We can’t pay for your flight, your food, your stay, nothing.’ It was very, very disappointing for all of us. … So, you do all that stuff, and then somebody tells you, ‘We can’t pay for your expenses.'”