Banyan says TLC decided to fire Paige, who says Trading Spaces remains “fun.”

Banyan says TLC decided to fire Paige, who says Trading Spaces remains “fun.”
After hearing about Paige Davis’s firing as the host of Trading Spaces, Alex McLeod lovers are glad to see the perky hosting-job thief go, fans of the series are despondent and in tears, and others are thinking, “Um, Trading Spaces? That’s still on?” TLC posted a message from Paige on its web site, in which she doesn’t reveal too much. She writes, in part:

My last episode will premiere in March and in the meantime I’ll be looking toward my next adventure and what will hopefully be a bright future — and a lot more time with Patrick and Sophie. :-) … I will miss my friends very much, but I know they all wish me well and send me off with their love and support; and I am sure that Trading Spaces will still be a fabulous and fun show for all of you to watch. I will certainly be watching and cheering them on.

Apparently, “cheering them on” is now a synonym for “hurling monkey turds at the television between stabs at TLC exec voodoo dolls.” Meanwhile, reality blurred reader Ann sent e.mail to Banyan Productions, which has produced the series since its second season, and which also hired Paige, and received a reply from someone named Jan–possibly the company’s CEO, Jan Dickler? The first message said that Banyan had nothing to do with the decision:

Ann, please understand that this decison is soely between Paige and TLC. Banyan has the same voice YOU do in their mutual decison

A second reply says that, like Ty and Gen before her, Paige might be leaving for her own show–possibly a syndicated talk show?

I know how you feel but my view is that we ESSENTIALLY retired her ‘number’ and must move on and recreate the show without her. Paige is READY to move on and has signed a deal with Kingworld (Oprah’s company). So please understand that Paige is the one moving on. We love her as our friend and Banayn truly wishes her the best! I know she feels the same.