did The Surreal Life 4 show Adrianne Curry’s genitals, and what’s with Chyna’s?

did The Surreal Life 4 show Adrianne Curry’s genitals, and what’s with Chyna’s?
VH1 freaked out about whether or not the debut episode of The Surreal Life 4 would show Verne Troyer naked and peeing in the house’s living room, but perhaps they should have focused their attention elsewhere. That footage did air–but so did a whole lot more. Original America’s Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry stripped naked to serve sushi off her mostly-bare body to the other cast members just over halfway through the show. And right before the commercial break, the camera panned up her body, and the fig leaf didn’t seem to cover what it was there to cover.

Alert reality blurred reader Evan Weeks noticed this, and to illustrate his observation, we provide photographic evidence. (It’s more obvious in full video, but we’re not video-ready like those video-posting guys at TVgasm. Try to catch the repeats today at 4 and 9 p.m. ET, unless you plan to report this to the FCC, in which case it’s on at 1 a.m.) It’s kind of like one of those Magic Eye posters; stare at it long enough and all will become clear. Here’s the photo, which has taken a quick, clarifying run through the Shadow Illuminator:
Surreal Life Adrianne

This makes her the second Surreal Life 4 cast member to have genitalia issues. The first is Chyna Doll, aka Joanie Laurer. Her parts are fully on display on the non-work-safe box for her video 1 Night In China). As TelevisionWithoutPity poster riley605 wrote, “Y’all, it’s not just an enlarged female organ, it’s totally a male part.”

For non-photographic details, see the AVN review, also via TWoP, which details the “mini-penis that speaks inches about steroid abuse in women.”