four-year old sperm donor show idea makes its way from Europe to the US.

four-year old sperm donor show idea makes its way from Europe to the US.
When the concept for Endemol’s sperm donor series Make me a Mum was originally publicized four years ago, “European broadcasters ran a mile” from it, according to the Daily Record. It still has its British name, though, and the same concept: it’s “a reality series that would pit a group of male contestants against each other for the honor of serving as a sperm donor to a woman willing to be impregnated,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. And “the woman must choose between two finalists. One will be determined on the basis of biological compatibility, the other on personal grounds.” Unbelievably, they’re sanitizing the show concept for the US, as “Endemol has opted not to use microscopic cameras that would enable viewers to actually see the egg get fertilized.” The president of True Entertainment, an Endemol spin-off, says, “We took in the response in Europe, and we felt strongly about the idea and felt that it wasn’t the kind of lascivious idea that people were portraying it as. It is our intention in the new year to go back and re-ignite the pitch and revisit some of the (U.S.) networks we received a positive response from.” Who has money on FOX?

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