Who’s Your Daddy doesn’t impress critics; TJ is an actress, former Playmate.

Who’s Your Daddy doesn’t impress critics; TJ is an actress, former Playmate.
It’s much more fun to be appalled and angered by a reality TV show without actually watching it, but some critics have to go spoil the fun and actually examine that which they judge.

The show in question is the debut of Who’s Your Daddy, on which TJ successfully selected her father, and won $100,000. She also met her birth mother, who her biological father had kept in touch with.

In the New York Times, Alessandra Stanley writes that it was “fairly bland and hokey,” and adds that “even though the ratings suggest that viewers are tiring of cheesy, sleazy Fox shows like ‘The Swan,’ the network cannot seem to go straight.” The New York Daily News’ David Bianculli was much more appalled: “a horrible, repellent, indefensible television show. It should not have been made, and the five others already in the can should stay there and not be shown. It’s a disgusting concept for a TV special, with production values so shoddy that they don’t even do justice to the concept.”

Meanwhile, as Reality TV Magazine discovered, the star of the show may have been familiar to some viewers, both with and without her clothes on. “TJ Myers is an actress, model, spokesperson, and former Playboy playmate who has appeared previously in several movies and television shows,” the site reports. She was also a participant in the Mark Burnett reality series Combat Missions, on which she was known as Major XO Myers. Her other credits are listed at IMDB.com. Also see her web site.

+ update: Despite the controversy, the special pretty much flopped, coming in fourth in its time slot. 6.3 million viewers watched, according to the AP, about five million fewer than watched Fear Factor.