Victoria: “Don’t worry, I am fine;” producer says he “warned” Jonathan.

Victoria: “Don’t worry, I am fine;” producer says he “warned” Jonathan.
Three days after her husband Jonathan’s post to their web site defending his behavior on last week’s The Amazing Race 6, Victoria Fuller has responded with a message of her own. During the episode, she screamed, “Jon, stop it!” Sunday, she wrote,

Don’t worry, I am fine. Its a TV show and not a true reflection of our relationship. We both over reacted.


The next episode airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on CBS; we’ll see the aftermath, which will probably be anything ranging from producers ignoring the incident altogether to Phil kicking them off the show.

Today, The New York Post reports that executive producer Bertram van Munster says, “I had many conversations with him. I told him you’ve got to tone it down, you have to stop this kind of stuff, it’s not cool–until then, I’d never given advice to a reality show player before to chill out.” van Munster also says that he “warned him over and over again, but if he doesn’t want to listen, there’s nothing I can do about it.” As to a response, van Munster “had a very firm talk with him that night. But he keeps on being Jonathan, although there’s no more pushing and shoving, I can tell you that.”