Ami originally applied for The Amazing Race, admits she “got a little too confident.”

Ami originally applied for The Amazing Race, admits she “got a little too confident.”
Survivor Vanuatu‘s Ami Cusack admits that she made the fatal Survivor mistake and became too cocky. “I got a little too confident that it was going to be me and Leann in the final two for sure,” she tells TV Guide. She also says that the women’s alliance started with a discussion between Scout and Eliza. “It started out with Scout and Eliza talking about the fact that no women’s alliance had ever made it to the end. I’m like, ‘That is silly. Us ladies should be supporting each other and I’m willing to stand for that. I’d love for us to make it to the final four.'” Ami also says that she’s not a man-hater, and that she thought she had a friendship with Rory. “I really liked all the guys that we played with; it was just that my alliance was all women. I liked every one of them. In fact, I really got along with Rory. It is funny to see he was all mad at me and wasn’t liking me on the show–I was shocked! He and I were buddies, and I didn’t get it, until I saw the show, that he hated me so much. Call me na&#239ve.”

In a similar interview with The Advocate, the magazine reveals that Ami “and her girlfriend, Crissy, had auditioned to be on The Amazing Race, but producers instead asked Cusack to be an island castaway.” Ami tells the magazine she “didn’t think it was that big a deal” that Mark Burnett edited out her kissing her girlfriend. And
she says of Twila, “I think Twila’s just as queer as I am, god bless her! [laughs] If she’s not, she should be.”

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