Simple Life 3 subtitled “Interns”; girls spotted at a day care center in Delaware.

Simple Life 3 subtitled “Interns”; girls spotted at a day care in center Delaware.
Season three of The Simple Life will be subtitled “Inters,” according to a promo for the show that aired last night during The OC. This, of course, explains why Congress rejected the girls, because the intern jokes would be so obvious, not even the most anal-retentive staffers wouldn’t be able to resist telling them. However, the show might as well have been subtitled “We Make Paris and Nicole Work in Places Where They Can Do Real Damage,” as in addition to working at an airport last Friday, Paris and Nicole were spotted Wednesday at–get this–a day care center in Delaware. Hopefully, they were not in charge of dress-up time. Middletown, Delaware, reader Nick Duko tells reality blurred that “Several people yesterday called in” to the local newspaper, where his sister works, “saying they sighted Nicole and Paris in Wilmington working at The Small Wonder day care center.” Additionally, he reports that there were sightings at the Christiana Mall in Newark.
+ update: Delaware News Journal reports in-depth on the day care job.