Brady voted off, doesn’t do press; fiancee’s prescient blog post disappears.

Brady voted off, doesn’t do press; fiancée’s prescient blog post disappears.
Brady Finta became the third victim of the fat old guys alliance, although this time the last remaining hot young guy, John, joined them in voting his compatriot off the Survivor Vanuatu island. More interestingly, though, is his Brady’s fiancée’s prescient blog post about his stay on the island. As reported yesterday, she wrote, “I watched JP get voted off and felt the end was near for Brady too.” How right she was. But even better, she reported that his FBI “employers are giving him a really hard time about his dip into reality TV,” and at the end of her message asked, presumably in jest, “Can someone please check on me regularly? After writing this I may be kidnaped and sold to aliens for medical experiments.” Today, her post is missing, replaced by one sentence: “The WOW Report was asked to remove this posting.” Creepy. Additionally, she wrote that his employers “have told him he can not go to New York and do any post production, not a single appearance or interview”; the New York Post reports that “The FBI has told CBS that agent Finta … will not be allowed to appear on TV or talk to newspapers about his experiences on the reality show.” We’ll see today if that’s true.
+ updates: At 8 a.m. ET, Brady is about to appear on The Early Show, according to teasers. … At 8:10 a.m., the liars at The Early Show revealed that he actually wasn’t there. Instead, they showed tape of an interview he did with show producers. The Early Show anchor (not Julie Chen) said, “Brady’s not with us this morning because his position now requires” that he avoid the media. So, the rumors were definitely true.