soliders wanted for next Real World.

soldiers wanted for next Real World.
As if risking their lives for our country wasn’t enough of a sacrifice, the folks at Bunim-Murray now want soldiers returning from overseas assignments to give up five months to live with a group of self-absorbed assholes on the next season of The Real World. TV Gasm noticed the casting notice, and writer B-Side fears “the heavy handed way Bunim/Murray is going to tell this soldier’s story,” noting that “you know they’re going to stuff the house with a bunch of politically uninformed blockheads who are going to engage in stupid arguments about the war.” Bunim-Murray’s official casting request is as follows:

The Real World, MTV’s flagship reality television show, is encouraging soldiers who have recently returned from serving overseas to apply for our program. In order to be considered, you must be between the ages of 18 and 24 and available for up to 5 months beginning in January.

If you are a “soldier”, please make a 5 minute videotape telling us about yourself and mail it to:

Of course, by putting the word “soldier” in quotation marks, they seem to be implicitly insulting those who they’re trying to attract–that, or they might get applications from those people who like to dress up and play soldier under their beds.