Irulan needs head shot help, Rupert thinks he’s the archetypal Survivor.

whore/delusion report: Irulan needs head shot help, Rupert thinks he’s the archetypal Survivor.
In the world of former reality TV cast members, there are the whores, who work endlessly to exploit their “fame” (see below), and there are those who are delusional about their fame.

Often, these two overlap, sometimes spiced up with qualities such as a lack of awareness or exceptionally overblown ego. Speaking of, The Real World Las Vegas‘ Irulan, who we’ve heard from before, is now in desperate need of our help.

You see, she’s now “faced with the daunting task of picking one” headshot out of six to help her in her fledgling acting career. Yes, those daunting one in six choices have Irulan stumped, especially because as someone who “can’t help but indulge [herself] in, well, other people’s business” via tabloids, she says she’s “always [her] worst critic.” Thus, she needs you to vote.

In the category of sheer delusion, Survivor Pearl Islands‘ Rupert Boneham was once America’s reality sweetheart. Now he’s clearly losing his mind. He tells TV Guide that when people think about nine seasons of Survivor, they only think about him: “It used to be that you’d say Survivor and people would think about a lot of different people �- now you say Survivor and it’s me [who comes to mind].” He thinks that audience members watching the current season wonder, “Where is Rupert?”–as if we’re too stupid to realize the cast changes every season.

While he’s self-aware enough to stop his seething jealousy when he watches other reality TV shows by telling himself “Don’t be so greedy. Be happy for those other ones,” he says that if there’s another Survivor All-Stars, “The old Survivors have already told me that I’m not going to make it through the first vote-out if I do it again because I already won and took a lot of the thunder away.”