The Amazing Race 5, Big Brother 5, and Amish in the City all conclude tonight.

The Amazing Race 5, Big Brother 5, and Amish in the City all conclude tonight.
It’s gonna be a busy night: Besides new episodes of Queer Eye and The Real World Philadelphia at 10 p.m. ET,, three reality shows conclude their runs this evening, and two of those are airing at the same time:

  • Fresh off its Emmy win, The Amazing Race 5 ends at 9 p.m. ET (well, the race will end around 10:45, really) as Chip and Kim, the bowling moms, Colin and Christie, and Brandon and Nicole finish the 72,000 mile race and end up at the series’ finish line. The show’s e.mail newsletter teases this: “One Racer has a severe emotional breakdown after a series of crashes during a final leg Detour.” Could it be Colin? Might we have two weeks of Must-See Psycho TV in a row? If Colin and Christie do eek out a win, resist the urge to break your TV, because you don’t want to miss a glimpse of Charla and Mirna at the finish line. If you want to know at least one place where they’re going tonight, read this. And if this is your first episode of the show ever, you loser, check out this handy Poser’s guide to The Amazing Race 5.
  • Immediately before the two-hour finale, at 8 p.m. ET, Big Brother 5 will end its 12-week run. Drew and Cowboy have been in the house together for the past few days, undoubtedly generating footage for another TVGasm video; the jury will vote and award one of them $500,000, and Julie Chen will undoubtedly make a fool out of herself, if that’s even possible anymore.
  • Airing opposite the first hour of The Amazing Race 5 at 9 p.m. ET is the finale of UPN’s Amish in the City, the Amish-out-of-water series that’s moving to Tuesday night just for the finale to make way for the Wednesday debut of Top Model 3. Clearly, someone at UPN forgot how to do math and schedule the two shows to not end up ending and starting on the same week.
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