post-Frances, reality blurred returns.

post-Frances, reality blurred returns.
reality blurred‘s world headquarters, aka my house, were in the direct path of Frances and her spiraling feeder bands of destruction, and her wrath has left me without any tangible connection to the world outside a radius within which I can shout. Already I’ve missed the debuts of The Next Great Champ and The Real World Philadelphia, and a bunch of other news, I’m sure–but that’s what happens when a big fucking hurricane decides to bitch-slap and boss around your neighborhood sort of like it was the partner of a megalomaniacal The Amazing Race 5 contestant whose name rhymes with Molin.

I’ll prove this with photos as soon as I dig my camera out of the rubble, but for now, someone’s posted pictures of the damage at the university where I teach, most of which is minor compared to the wreckage that is parts of my neighborhood. I’m kidding about the rubble, by the way, since my residence was spared all but large fallen branches, but the area is a mess: utility poles snapped in half, power lines tangled in the road, 50-year-old oak trees blocking streets.

Never mind the fact that living without a/c and cable and power and Internet access and cell phone service and refrigeration is barely tolerable; sitting in the dark at night with nothing to do, I’m ready to open a vein. Not sure when regular posting will resume, as estimates for power returning are, like, next Tuesday, but hopefully, with the generosity of friends like the ones who are letting me crash at their air-conditioned, power-supplied house for the night, there will be sporadic updates. A few items will follow below, and then we’ll see how things go. In the meantime, thanks for sticking with me.

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