future reality TV show subjects: smokers, journalists, priests, and women over 60.

future reality TV show subjects: smokers, journalists, priests, and women over 60.
Just as I got caught up here at reality blurred headquarters, another hurricane decided to loop around and smash right into Florida, just for good measure. The Atlantic Ocean is flinging hurricanes at us faster than Mike Darnell can figure out new ways to exploit people for FOX reality series. And speaking of new reality TV series, they’re popping up like STDs on a Paradise Hotel guest. Okay, enough with the metaphors. Regardless of how ridiculous some may sound, a bunch of new shows are being proposed, and they’re in various stages of production, from being pitched to getting ready for broadcast. Here’s a list of new reality TV show subjects that have been proposed recently: a newsroom staff for Deadline @ The Philadelphia Inquirer; a poorly attended parish and its vicar for the UK’s Channel 4’s Priest Idol; a mock submarine for the “high tech war game The Submarine”; smokers who are quitting for PAX’s Cold Turkey, which debuts Oct. 3; “fun-loving women from all walks of life, over the age of 60″ for an as-yet-undescribed show; demolition experts and demolition derby participants for Spike TV series titled Boom and Carpocalypse; and
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