Renovate Your Family debuts tonight.

Renovate Your Family debuts tonight.
Dr. Phil’s son gets to host his own show starting tonight when FOX debuts Renovate Your Family at 8 p.m. ET. The series makes over everything about the family, from their house to their emotional issues. Because FOX is having trouble finding families to exploit, er, renovate, the first family featured will be familiar; the Biggins previously appeared on FOX’s Trading Spouses. A show producer tells USA TODAY that getting on the show “is like winning the lottery. We do everything from the dog to the truck to the husband.” Jay McGraw says “You can rebuild a house in seven days, but you can’t rebuild a family in seven days. But they try: “We did a show in Chicago, and the day we got there, the father smoked 80 cigarettes. The day we left, he smoked nine. It wasn’t just a health issue for him, it was for the entire family.” If this sounds appealing and you live in the LA area, FOX is actively seeking another family. Here are the details:

…To be considered, the family must own a free standing home in the area (no townhouses, trailers, condos, mobile homes or apartments) and not have any children under 5 years old. They are currently seeking pack-rats, families with phobias, adoption stories, families looking to reunite with estranged member, returning Iraq solders…any family with a story that can be cured / fixed in 7 days.

Interested families can send their information along to [email protected] or [email protected] to be considered and receive more information. …

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