Cowboy votes to evict his half-sister Nakomis; he, Drew, Diane are final three.

Cowboy votes to evict his half-sister Nakomis; he, Drew, Diane are final three.
The non-twin part of the Big Brother 5 “Project DNA” twist found a half-brother and -sister living in the house together, even though one of them didn’t know they were related. Last night, half of that pair voted to evict the other half. Michael, a.k.a. Cowboy, held the Golden Power of Veto, and chose to use it to save Diane. As Veto holder, he was immune, as was HOH Drew. Thus, his decision forced the eviction of Nakomis, his sister, a relationship that he told Julie Chen didn’t factor into his decision. (Although, to be fair, if Michael had to consider his entire family tree every time he made a decision, he’d never do anything.) Cowboy gave a moving speech that, if you missed, is at least required reading, although text cannot quite encapsulate the experience of watching him actually say these words. Here’s the transcript; read it in a voice that sounds like you were lobotomized with a utility pole:

I first off wanna say y’all are wonderful young ladies I love both of y’all, and this is not a decision on, if, you know I hate one of y’all because that’s not it. Nakomis, um, like you said we both are brother and sister, we do got that from this game. Uh, you did make a promise to me that if you won HOH you would not put me up, and I’m factoring that in as well. Diane, um, you’ve been awesome we you know did not, uh, agree on a lot of things at the beginning of this game, and we have grown closer over the, uh, several weeks. And you know you have been honest with me these past few weeks, and, um, we did make a agreement and I am a man of my word, and I do use the veto to save you Diane.

At the end of last night’s episode, we left the final three standing in the middle of a sea of fake, soft rocks balancing on poles that were on a vibrating and gyrating platform, clinging firmly to fake keys. It’s the first of a three-part HOH competition; Jam! Showbiz posted the name of the winner here. The series concludes live next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET, with no ep on Thursday and a special episode on Friday night at 8.
+ also: Karen says her eviction wasn’t a surprise.

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