another TAR6 team spotted in Europe.

another TAR6 team spotted in Europe.
Yet another reality blurred reader has spotted and let us know about an Amazing Race 6 team’s location. (By the way, if you’re freaked out by knowing where the teams are going, stop reading now. Real spoilers such as teams being eliminated or injured or something will always be printed in white and flagged.) The show is apparently working its way across Europe after stopping in Iceland and, later, Oslo, Norway. Yesterday, teams were in Germany, specifically Berlin. Jeff writes:

My wife just called from Germany. She was in the Ostbahnhof (east train station) in Berlin a few hours ago standing in line at the reisebureau (ticket office) and an older couple said “We’re in a race, would it be ok if we went ahead of you?”

My wife looked around and saw cameramen and asked if they were TAR contestants. They nodded and she let them jump ahead in the ticket line.

She noticed cameras on another team (a pair of 30-40ish men described as “sort of like the New Yorkers”) looking lost in the line for the S-Bahn (subway).

Unfortunately, she got distracted buying her own tickets and didn’t find out where they were going.