The Amazing Race 6 probably started in Chicago, and then moved on to Iceland.

Amazing Race 6 probably started in Chicago, and then moved on to Iceland.
A week and a half ago, a reality blurred reader spotted an Amazing Race 6 team in Chicago, and speculated that Chicago represented part of the final leg of the race. That’d make sense, considering the sighting was on Aug. 13, the show tapes for 30 or 40 days, and the new season debuts on Sept. 25. However, based upon research and tips from the folks at Television Without Pity, it seems that Chicago was actually the start of the race, or very close to it, and thus post-production will be done rapidly by people consuming a vast quantity of amphetamines. First, a poster confirmed with the Chicago film office that the show was taping at O’Hare and Buckingham Fountain on August 13, the day our tipster Mike spotted a team in downtown Chicago. Considering the location of the picturesque fountain, which could easily serve as the backdrop for the race’s start, and the faraway O’Hare airport, posters are speculating about what the team might have been doing on Adams Street running West (maybe going to the El’s Blue line?). Others wonder why only Mike spotted the teams, considering the busy location. However, it seems apparent that Chicago was not the final destination, or even close to the end of the race, as another poster reports that teams were spotted in Iceland on Saturday. This news report and photos from Iceland seems to confirm that, as do these reports, although since I can’t read Icelandic, they may actually only confirm the existence of the Yeti for all I know.