critic: contestants should “go back to their lives when their reality TV shows are over.”

critic: contestants should “go back to their lives when their reality TV shows are over.”
Apparently unaware of the archetypal “media whore,” Chicago Sun-Times critic Phil Rosenthal makes an impassioned argument today for reality TV stars to go the hell away once their show is over. After recapping some contestants’ multiple show and media appearances, he writes, “As viewers, we thought we had an understanding: These people would get brief TV exposure, entertain us for a bit as producers made them eat bugs or pretend to fall in love or whatever. Then they would be discreetly returned to their lives, and we would get a new crop of camera-ready marks to dance like monkeys on a string for us.” Possibly realizing the futility of this argument, he concedes that “maybe it’s too much to ask these reality TV participants to go back to their lives when their reality TV shows are over. But that presumes they have lives to which to return. A lot of them probably don’t.”

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