new shows will focus on kids 2 to 11, space, TV hosts, and various businesses.

new shows will focus on kids 2 to 11, space, TV hosts, and various businesses.
On the docket at various networks and production companies are shows that that send contestants into space, are targeted at pre-schoolers, and explore different businesses.

Mark Burnett may have given up on Project Mir, and Lance Bass might have never made it into orbit despite the prayers of some, but space reality TV may still be a reality. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Several projects revolving around the concept of sending rookie astronauts into outer space are being shopped around town these days.” One show will keep Lance Bass around, but will send a different civilian into space, and Mark Burnett “is known to still have his eye on the space sector.” There are other shows, too; one “company is in discussions with multiple TV outlets for series revolving around planned Russian flights in October 2005 and April 2006.”

Considering that “four of the top 10 broadcast shows” for kids ages 2 to 11 were reality TV, Variety quotes an agent who says “kids versions of these reality formats [are] being tested.” However, a Nickelodeon exec says they “just don’t want to do anything derivative, because those kids are already watching the adult versions.” Networks will continue with existing shows; for example, Bug Juice will return to the Disney Channel this summer.

If you’re not content being a contestant on a show and want to host one instead, WinYourOwnTVshow offers that opportunity. Through “purchase[d] airtime from Fox and UPN affiliate stations across the U.S.,” the show’s winners will get to host 13-episode series, according to a press release.

Finally, USA TODAY reports on a “slew of business reality TV.” Included is an upcoming A&E show called Dog the Bounty Hunter that focuses on “a bounty hunter and bail bonds business run by a husband and wife.”