is American Candidate a sham?

is American Candidate “a sham”?
Criticism is growing about Showtime’s American Candidate, which already has a long and sordid history. A new multi-colored blog called “American Candidate: The AmCan Sham” is documenting a show that it says “turns out to be as rigged as a carny flim-flam, and as old news as politics as usual.” Examples cited include the fact that Keith Boykin’s, “Joyce Riley’s, Lisa Witter’s, and Chrissy Gephardt’s” pages on the site “were added deep in the night on June 8th after the press, not American Candidate, released the news” that they were finalists. The blog also points out that “The show’s web site was recently updated to remove a statement about the show not being “a one-way conversation.” Elsewhere, has issued a press release that summarizes recent criticism of the series and argues that “[t]here is now mounting evidence that the show’s producers never intended to accept individuals without already established political credentials.”