Apprentice 2 crew hawks Crest, uses cheap labor; Amy’s writing a book.

Apprentice 2 crew hawks Crest, uses cheap labor; Amy’s writing a book.
Apparently the product placement on The Apprentice 2 won’t be all for Donald Trump’s flailing products. Crest got in on the action, and after the contestants on one team gave away free Crest Tuesday in Washington Square Park, the “team enlisted a plump 51-year-old woman to haul the unsightly empty boxes back to a nearby truck and haul back armsful of sparkling-new boxes. For this, they offered her $20,” Lloyd Grove reports (second item). After working for an hour, the woman “tumbled over and began to roll around on the ground, chanting ‘Crest! Crest!’ over and over.” She was taken to an ambulance where she “passed out cold, falling limp into the passenger side. When she finally awoke after a full three minutes, she promptly vomited and demanded, ‘Where’s my money?'” … Elsewhere, in what will probably be the first of many Apprentice cast member-written books to fill up remainder bins, Amy Henry is writing a book for St. Martin’s called “What It Takes: Speak Up, Step Up, Move Up.” Cindy Adams reports that the book shows “how femininity is an asset not a liability. It’s a woman’s controversial guide to how to do it and who to do it to.” She says the publishing house “is banking on Amy Henry being the new model for young business women.” And finally, not that anyone cares, but someone in Florida wants to trademark Omarosa’s first name to use on clothes. The Smoking Gun has the documents, and says that they are “not sure who she thinks would actually wear items bearing the handle of reality TV’s pompous serial liar.”
+ also: “a cloud of [Apprentice women] descended like locusts on the Lucky and Cargo magazines’ Upfront Week hospitality lounge.”

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