Amber Brkich wins Survivor All-Stars; audience will give $1 million to an all-star.

Amber Brkich wins Survivor All-Stars; audience will give $1 million to an all-star.
Amber Brkich beat Rob Mariano four to three, making her the ultimate survivor–and his future wife. First, though, Jenna joined Rob and Amber to boot Rupert, leaving Jenna in third place (and with $175,000). Rob said Amber “deserves 100 percent to win this,” admitting that he’d “pissed off just about everyone on the jury.” He was right; during the final tribal council, Lex and Kathy gave impassioned speeches about friendship that left Rob with tears of some sort in his eyes during his closing remarks (Lex: “You sold out your values, you sold out your character, you sold out your friends for a stack of greenbacks”). Amber’s Survivor All-Stars victory came after that emotional tribal council, which was followed by an even more emotional live reunion. Highlights:

  • The reunion began with Rob’s surprise proposal to Amber before the freakin’ votes were revealed. Amber, who was wearing an “I [heart] Rob” t-shirt just in case we wanted to know if she was still with him, said yes, making them the first engaged Survivor couple. And as a stunned Jeff Probst said this was not the big twist.
  • After consulting with Rob about who she should choose, Amber awarded Shii Ann a Chevy Equinox (more Chevy porn), citing Shii Ann’s “swing” vote.
  • Jerri left the reunion during a commercial after the audience booed her; first, she managed to astutely point out that “this entertainment is coming at a price.”
  • Big Tom, who was so pissed during the final tribal council it appeared as though he was going to jump Rob, shook hands with Rob during the reunion after Rob apologized for making fun of Tom’s family.
  • Ethan and Jenna M. confirmed they are a couple, although we already knew that.
  • Sue revealed the tons of work she’s had done to her body, courtesy of Extra, including lipo and breast enhancement, although we didn’t want to know that.

The twist was not, as suspected, a $2 million prize, although one of the 18 contestants will be awarded $1 million live on Thursday, during the best-of clip show special at 8 p.m. ET. That person will be chosen by our votes at, where you can read the desperate pleas of the 18 who want the cash.