American Idol 3 had 6.7 million fewer viewers than Idol 2, breaks texting record.

American Idol 3 had 2.3 million fewer viewers than Idol 2, breaks texting record.
Despite the record number of votes cast, including a record number of text messages all season, just over two million fewer people watched the American Idol 3 finale compared to last year’s finale. Early estimates show 31.4 million viewers watched Wednesday night; last year, 33.7 watched. Still, as Reuters points out, the series “has emerged as Fox’s biggest hit and its first show to finish a season as the most watched series in prime time, with its Tuesday performance telecasts averaging more than 25 million viewers a week.” … Speaking of votes, it’s all well and good to criticize voter turnout in real elections, but let’s stop with this ridiculous moaning about how more people might soon vote for an Idol than for President. On American Idol, you can vote as much as your redial button and cell phone bill will allow. In America, you can only vote once, unless you live in Florida or in a locale where officials like cash gifts.
+ also: critic: “it was the strength of the field that brought a little chaos to Idol voting.”
+ and: Simon Fuller owns Fantasia now.