intern Drew was hired at NBC’s request, says he’ll gladly “be a dick” for publicity.

intern Drew was hired at NBC’s request, says he’ll gladly “be a dick” for publicity.
The much-heralded Drew the Intern made his (final?) appearance on The Restaurant last night, in an episode that featured more re-dubbed (re-written?) lines than scenes featuring him. First, he was an ass to the staff and served alcohol even though he’s only 20. Later, he answered the phone when Rocco called and handed off to another employee, saying “Captain Douchebag’s on the phone.” Rocco, always the one to take the high road, fired him and then said, “If he comes back, shoot him.” Drew Abbruzzese tells Page Six that he’s “not this villainous, cocky, obnoxious screaming child.” Maybe, but he’s definitely an ass-kisser: Of the douchebag comment, he says, “I don’t regret making the comment that I did, but I am sorry for it. I think Rocco’s a very talented guy.” How did he get on the show? He talks to Salon and says, “NBC needed another person to be on the show” and Jeffrey told him “producers are breathing down my neck to bring someone in who doesn’t mind the camera situation.” At least he’s honest: “I was doing this because it was a chance for me to get my name out there and to hang with the top people in the business. … If I knew all I had to do was be a dick, I would’ve done that five years ago, because now I’m getting all this publicity.” If you’d like to talk to him, he’s available for interviews, according to this press release.
+ also: “Rocco has gambled his standing … for the chance to be a brand, entrusting his image to producers who don’t necessarily have his best interests at heart,” the Voice’s Joy Press writes.

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