future shows: The Big Shot’s overachievers, Ivana Trump, Gilligan’s Island cast member clones, Outback Jack’s city women, two new Bachelors.

future show announcements

  • The Bachelor, and maybe The Bachelorette, will return for at least two more seasons.
  • Blue 13 Productions is casting for The Big Shot, which “pits over-achievers from a variety of backgrounds into an unusual and challenging real-world environment that will test their abilities to succeed at any cost.”
  • $2 million in prizes will be offered for the Las Vegas-based Business Chamber’s proposed reality show The Venture, which “gives the winning contestant $1,000,000 to start their own business or improve the one they have. Viewers also have a chance to win $1,000,000 just for guessing ‘The Venture’ show winner.”
  • Ivana Trump’s agent says “two networks are vying for” the reality series she’s shopping.
  • Mike Fleiss producing Gilligan’s Island series for TBS; Gilligan’s Island will debut late this year and “will feature a group of people who embody the essence of the characters they represent.”
  • TBS will also air Outback Jack “12 beautiful, sophisticated and pampered city women board a plane,” parachute into the outback, and pursue a “rugged hero.”
  • ABC will air The Great Domestic Showdown May 25 and 26, searching for a new Martha Stewart–just like CBS is doing.