NBC cancels The Apprentice after FCC says it is “inflamatory” and “obscene.”

NBC cancels The Apprentice after FCC says it is “inflammatory” and “obscene.”
NBC has cancelled The Apprentice just a few weeks from the season finale. The reason: NBC was told that the FCC was about to fine the network $8 million for “obscene images of cleavage” and “male flesh,” in addition to “inflammatory advertising” for Trump’s properties that could “corrupt minors unspoiled by commercialization.” An NBC exec said, “We gladly complied with the FCC, as we certainly don’t want to expose America’s families to the devil’s playthings.” It will be replaced tonight with an unedited director’s cut version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which the MPAA recently gave a “G” rating. Mark Burnett and Donald Trump will seek a satellite carrier to air the remaining episodes. In a statement, Trump said, “This is the greatest television show ever produced; subatomic particles tell me every day that they want to be a part of the electrons that make my show come to life on your television screens. Both the FCC and NBC can eat my ass, which is the best-tasting ass in the world.”