two seasons of Survivor coming after “drama queen” Burnett said it was over.

two seasons of Survivor coming after “drama queen” Burnett said it was over.
After “manufactured drama” during news conferences with reporters, The New York Times reports this morning that “CBS announced Saturday afternoon that it had a deal with Mark Burnett to produce two more editions of the hit reality series ‘Survivor.'”

Earlier, Mark Burnett said that another season of “has not been ordered or discussed,” despite the fact that CBS is actively casting on their home page. The Toronto Sun reported that Burnett “suggested that the world’s a more dangerous place and location scouting is getting tougher and tougher. He hinted that All Stars might be the cue to go out on top, both for him and the network.”

After Burnett reportedly “did not shake hands with [CBS chief Les] Moonves and seemed anxious to hurry past,” Moonves said they’re casting and suggested Mark Burnett was being “a drama queen.” And Burnett isn’t known for his truthfulness. Still, as the Star reports, “Burnett has never cut a deal for more than one Survivor at a time with CBS and could walk away from the franchise.”

Meanwhile, in an interview, Jeff Probst said that if Burnett doesn’t end the series, Internet fans may end up killing off the franchise. “The Internet and the accessibility to information has made it very difficult to do shows like Survivor. And it wouldn’t surprise me if ultimately it led to the demise of our show at some point.” He tells the Edmonton Sun, “Sooner or later you cannot combat people who betray you.”

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