Evan says Joe Millionaire was “fake” and “staged”; FOX used sound effects.

Evan says Joe Millionaire was “fake” and “staged”; FOX used sound effects.
Joe Millionaire‘s Evan Marriott says the show that took him from underwear model to game show host was “staged” and “totally fake. … I sold 40 million people.”

The Sun-Sentinel breaks this news in Tom Jicha’s column, and while he reports “[t]here is no indication anyone coached or influenced Marriott’s decision,” he also says Evan “never had any intention of becoming seriously involved with one of the 20 gold-diggers in his TV harem.” That alone seems about as controversial as discovering that Ryan Seacrest tweezes, but Evan said his decision-making “was all staged,” and says the making out/blow job in the woods was “totally fake.”

Fox Entertainment President Gail Berman calls Evan’s version of things “revisionist history,” but then admits that they did indeed add sound effects to the woods scene: “We put in the [smooching] sound effects. You have to produce a show well. You do editing. You cut things around. But we don’t say, ‘Go out and make out in the woods.’ I would have to argue that point with him.” Well, we’ll have to argue it with you, Gail, because without the sound effects, there would have been nothing to subtitle, and without the subtitling, there would have been no scene, since your camera crews captured nothing. And without that scene, there wouldn’t have been 20.3 million viewers.

But Gail has defenders, notably Average Joe producer Stuart Krasnow, who says “It would be easier than to have cameramen following them around 24 hours a day” if the cast members were actors. Ironically, his cast members are actors. So much for support.

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