Andy Roddick show is dead; Mandy Moore says; she’d leave him over it.

Andy Roddick show is dead; Mandy Moore says she’d leave him over it.
The Tour was to “follow [Andy] Roddick’s bouncing tennis ball as the 21-year-old, top-ranked ace travels the globe next May to September,” E! reported last year, but Andy’s girlfriend Mandy Moore says his balls are bouncing nowhere. “It was supposed to be like a documentary or something at first, and then someone kind of took that and ran with it and it kind of snowballed I guess out of context,” she tells the AP, which reports the show “will never happen.” (Tough week for Andy; he also just lost his #1 ranking.) Lest you think Mandy’s has a big hate-on for reality TV, she says, “I love watching reality shows, but I would never want to be in or on a reality show.” She’s so adamant about that, she’d dump Andy or anyone else on their ass if cameras showed up to follow him around; as the AP puts it, “She said if someone close to her were in such a show, she wouldn’t stick around long enough to be in it.”