Jenna says win “was completely a shock”; 18.6 million watched.

Jenna says win “was completely a shock”; 22.3 million watched.
Jenna Morasca says her record 6 to 1 Survivor Amazon win “was completely a shock”–especially the vote from Christy. Jenna told the Post-Gazette that she talked to Christy at the reunion, thanked her for her vote and said, “Christy, I may not have made as much of an effort [to get to know you] as I should have, and I don’t think you did with me, either. Let’s just throw that out the window and start over.” On The Early Show Monday, Jenna confronted her critics, and Rob and Matt discussed their third- and second-place standings. Sunday night’s finale was watched by 22.3 million viewers, down slightly from the 24.4 million who watched the finale of Survivor Thailand last fall.

+ also: betting site says finale proved insider trading; CBS says “gamblers get lucky sometimes” and asks for proof.